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What puts someone at risk of falling?

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Certain medications can have side effects like dizziness, which can contribute to the risk of falling. Please click the image below for a basic list of medicines that may contribute to falls (link will open in a new window).


DIAB026-5963The Medicines Support Services provides help with medication for patients or their carers. The individual must be over 65 to use this service.-

Long term health conditions                                                                                     

Having a prior condition, such as long term condition, can put the patient at greater risk of falling. For instance, an individual with diabetes may be at greater risk when hypoglycaemic than someone without the condition. The patient or carer should meet with their GP or community nurse to discuss what risks they are at and ask advice on how best to manage those risks. For some patients, this may mean changing medication; for others, it may just be being aware of the risk and monitoring it.

You can find a list of long term conditions that may affect your health below, as well as links to sites that contain more information. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and it is always best to learn more about the patient's condition.


Alcohol can be disorienting and affects people's judgement. People who have drank alcohol are at greater risk of falling. You can find advice on the guidelines for drinking and how to cut down or stop at -


Using illegal drugs can increase your risk of falling. For advice on the effects of drugs and how to get help to stop using them, you can use the NHS choices drugs pages, found here - 


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