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Nelson's Journey

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About us

Nelson’s Journey provides support for children and young people aged 0-17 years inclusive, living in Norfolk, who have experienced the death of a significant person in their life.


Telephone support and guidance

Provided by one of our Child Bereavement Support Workers, this can start immediately after the bereavement if the family would find this helpful. We can talk through questions such as ‘Should my child attend the funeral?’, ‘How do I tell them their Mum has died?’

Family and group events

We hold an annual Walk of Smiles and Christmas Carol Concert. Both events are for current and ex-service users and anyone else who wishes to attend. These provide an opportunity for family and friends to get together and remember a loved one who has died. Contact us to find out when these events are being held this year.

NJ Clubs

Our youth club-style groups are for children and young people who have been referred to us for support. They are held at different locations around Norfolk, and are all about having fun and meeting others who may have had similar feelings and experiences. They run after school, once per half term. There are different groups for 8 – 12 (year 7) year olds and for 12 (year 8) – 17 year olds.

One to one therapeutic support

Our Child Bereavement Support Workers offer this either at home or in school. These sessions are not a course of counselling but are for providing support as and when it is needed.

Activity day or residential weekend

If it would be appropriate and beneficial, the referred child or young person may be invited to either a day or weekend. These are all about meeting others who may have had similar experiences, doing intensive therapeutic activities and having some fun to provide balance. We run separate activity days throughout the year for children aged under 7 years, 8 – 12 (year 7) year olds, and 12 (year 8) – 17 year olds. For the under 7s, the parents / carers are invited to take part in many of the activities with the children. For the older groups, we run a separate parent / carer group on the same day. We have found that children and young people often get the most benefit from these after one year following the bereavement.

Online Forum

The NJ forum is a place for children and young people to share feelings, memories and experiences. All messages are checked by Nelson’s Journey before they go on the Forum. It is only for young people who have been supported by Nelson’s Journey.

‘Smiles & Tears’ App

A free interactive virtual resource designed by our Youth Panel to support bereaved children and young people: Providing them with a means to remember the person who has died, access support and express their feelings and emotions. The app is compatible with smartphones and is available on the Google Play Store and App Store

Referral information for GPs/clinicians only

  •            Please ensure you have parental permission before making the referral
  •       The individual’s home address must be in Norfolk
  • Information required about child/young person at point of referral:

Personal Details:


Date of Birth



Contact Information:

Parent/carers name to contact once referral has been made

Their relationship to the child/young person

Landline telephone number

Mobile telephone number

Address (including postcode)

Information about the deceased:

Relationship to child

Cause of death

Date of death

School attended by the individual.

Referers name and telephone number.


  • Street: The Bradbury Building – Smiles House, Octagon Business Park, Hospital Road
  • Postcode: NR13 5FH
  • City: Little Plumstead
  • County: Norfolk


  • Telephone: 01603 431788
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Nelson's Journey

What age groups are services aimed at?

0-5 | 5-15 | 16-25

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Friday, 01 June 2018

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