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Scoliosis Association (UK)

Scoliosis Association (UK)

We are the only independent support group for scoliosis in the UK. We provide advice, support, and information for all those affected. 

St John Ambulance

St John Ambulance

The nation's leading first aid charity. Providers of high quality clinical care in the community.

St Martins Bridges

Funded by the local CCG, free for Norwich residents. GP referral-based community resource, for those living with mental illness in the community.

Still On The Go

Still On The Go

Free exercise, swimming and fitness sessions for people 55 or over at Riverside Leisure centre, Norwich and sheltered schemes in Norwich.

To take part, participants must be doing less than 30 minutes of moderately intensive exercise every week (something which leaves you short of breath). This does not include walking, gentle exercise, DIY, gardening, housework or is work-related. The project’s aim is to decrease inactivity and look at barriers people face when trying to take part in exercise and find ways to reduce or remove the barriers.

Sue Lambert Trust

Sue Lambert Trust

We are a Norfolk based charity supporting survivors of sexual abuse.


Surviving Together

A self-help support group for women survivors of childhood sexual abuse. It meets on the premises of The Sue Lambert Trust in Norwich.

Sustainable Living Initiative

Encouraging people grow fruit and vegetables by providing practical help and advice in a very social environment.



SWEET ARTS is a creative arts and wellbeing organisation supporting women with mental, emotional and physical health issues.  Delivered in a bright and colourful, safe and supportive environment.


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